"Tempestuous skies, colour-rich landscapes and imaginative take on our most iconic landmarks" - Living North Magazine


Scott Read is a photographer and life adventurer who calls County Durham his home. He can usually be found capturing the vast surrounding landscapes, sprawling cityscapes and the people who inhabit those spaces in our world. Fuelled with a strong work ethic, Scott continues to strive and improve his craft by drawing on the knowledge gained by over 25 years in the print, media & design industry, adopting a broad creative perspective as he 'absorbs' life with it's intricacies and applies it to his photography.

"Photography is an important part of my head space.....it is about discovery, life's living flow, seeing how a heart feels in a fleeting moment, it is to be on a street, in a landscape....about a time, experiencing, understanding, learning, freedom of being, of living, of thinking...."

Exhibitions / Events

  • 'Northern Invasion' - Art Centre Washington (May / June 2019, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Thoughtful Planet 2'  -  Thought Foundation, Birtley (June - Sept 2018)

  • 'These Streets of Ours'  -  Art Centre Washington  (January 2018, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Conny' Festival of Arts -  Consett, County Durham (Summer 2017, Solo Exhibition)

  • '284 Miles to Home'  -  Art Centre Washington (January 2017, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Swindon Magnetizer' - Swindon Street Art Festival (September 2015)

  • 'This Land' - Harris & Hoole Gallery Space (March 2015, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Western Eyes'  -  Swindon Artist Forum (October 2014, Solo Exhibition)

Articles / Features

  • Living North Magazine

  • Sunderland Vibe Magazine

  • Wiltshire Life Magazine

  • Uncharted Magazine

  • Sunderland Echo

  • NE Volume Magazine

  • The Journal Newspaper

  • Vanguard Photo UK - Blog


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