* Notice *

This project was due to culminate in July 2020 with a month long exhibition at the Art Centre Washington, however this exhibition has now been cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, and as of this time am unsure of if and when this exhibition will take place at this time, especially as my next project is in the early planning stages. I will update you once I have a clearer picture of what is happening.

Thank You for your ongoing support and interest in my work, it is always appreaciated.


"Photosynthesis is critical for the existence of the vast majority of life on Earth!

It is the way in which virtually all energy in the biosphere becomes available to living things. Almost all the oxygen in the atmosphere is due to the process of photosynthesis. If photosynthesis ceased, there would soon be little food or other organic matter on Earth, most organisms would disappear, and Earth’s atmosphere would eventually become nearly devoid of gaseous oxygen"

When deciding on my next extended photography project it was a a bit of a tough choice after the visceral immediacy of the last year spent entrenched in the North East music scene. Much as it would be easy to stay within this genre of photography especially as my work continues in the field of gig photography through the contacts and friends I have made within the music industry, but after much thought I decided to return to the more naturalistic / landscape photography that is the core of my work, and what first got me started on the photography path.

The direction of the 'Photosynthesis' project will be focusing on Woodland in the North East of the UK, highlighting not only the beauty of these important area's, but documenting and raising awareness of the significance that these area's play in our everyday lives.


These woodlands not only have historical importance, but have played their part in the maintenance of our lives and planet, so I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Please keep checking back to see some of the images as the project starts to develop.